Great Bass Guitars (under $400!)

Great Bass Guitars

The bass guitar is a relatively simple instrument, but finding a quality and ergonomic one can be tricky. There are a lot of factors that go into considering the perfect bass like weight, scale, and onboard electronics. Use this list to narrow down the search and find the bass that is perfect for you! What's more, all of these great recommendations are under $400!

Some bass enthusiasts may wonder why Squier or Fender basses didn't make this list. Fender's price point is too high for this “under $400 collection.” Some Squier basses fit the price point, but I have found them to be exceptionally heavy. They are still great instruments, though! If you have the shoulders for it, try a Squier.

Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar

I owned and played this bass for a while and loved it. It is a great all-purpose instrument and is perfect as a first bass guitar. The onboard electronics are nice, and all of the color choices are especially fun!

Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar, 4 Knobs

This bass is slightly nicer than the previous example. It has one extra tone knob which can help narrow down the instrument's sound. However, don't sweat it if this is out of your price range – three knobs is still a great option!

Ibanez GSR Six String Bass

This is an incredible price for a six-string bass. What's more, the finish options are classy and beautiful! Most beginners should start with four strings, but this instrument is perfect for the intermediate or advanced player who is interested in expanding to more strings.

Ibanez Five String Bass

Much like the previous link, this is a fantastic price for a five-string bass! The price and quality of Ibanez instruments can't be beat, especially for bass guitars. The addition of extra strings is a personal preference, but many bassists find having the extra string useful.

Ibanez Mezzo Bass

This is one sleek and flashy instrument. It's a true medium-scale bass, meaning that it's slightly smaller and lighter than most basses. Players with small hands may find this instrument for comfortable. The finish is sure to get compliments as well!

Hofner IgnitionSB Bass

This is a clone of the famous Beatles bass that Paul McCartney used! I play this model often and absolutely love it. It is light as a feather and sounds amazing. If weight is an issue, this is undoubtedly the best choice on this list. Plus, it looks super cool!

Hofner Bass (Black)

This is the same instrument as the previous link, but in black. It's one sleek bass!

Yamaha GRM Four String Bass

This is a great bass offering by Yamaha, another wonderful instrument manufacturer. This instrument boasts four knob controls and electronics that are comparable, if not better than, the Ibanez's in the same price bracket.

Yamaha BB-Series Bass

This model is very comparable to the previous Yamaha bass, but the body design is exceptionally eye-catching! If you want a flashy bass that stands out, look no further.

There you have it! Enjoy these great bass recommendations all under $400. Check out our blog for more quality information, articles, and buying guides!