Imagine. Create. Inspire.

Join us for an exciting Family Fun Magic Show where you will be amazed and wowed by Mr. William Green! This show is appropriate and entertaining for all ages and each family will get to bring home some of their very own magic tricks!
What is even more spectacular? The cost is only $20/ family!
“William did quite a fantastic job of keeping everyone on the edge of their seat. His magic was downright amazing. I honestly didn’t know that a magician could indulge the audience so expertly. His humor was classic, original and personalized to the participants.”
“William knew how to tickle everyone’s funny bone too. He knew how to bring down the entire house with laughter. At one time, my niece was laughing so hard that she was crying. She was not alone in this; by the time his show was over, my ribs were aching. As a king of magic, William is enjoyed by all and is guaranteed to have the audience in tears laughing.”