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Songbirds Policies & Calendar

Complete Policy Documents

Lost your copy of our policies? No worries! Check them out below! These are a direct copy of the policy sheet every student is given when registering for classes 🙂

Important Upcoming Dates

Tuition is processed automatically on the first of each month.

Jan 16: MLK Jr Day- Songbirds OPEN (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)
Feb 20: Presidents Day- Songbirds OPEN (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)
March 13- 18: Spring Break- Songbirds CLOSED (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)
March 20: First day of Spring- Songbirds OPEN (SCPS Closed)
April 7: Good Friday- Songbirds OPEN (SLLS Closed)
May 29: Memorial Day- Songbirds CLOSED
July 3 & 4: Independence Day- Songbirds CLOSED
Sept 4: Labor Day- Songbirds CLOSED (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)
Sept 28 & 29: Sukkot- Songbirds OPEN (SLLS Closed)
Oct 16: Teacher Workday- Songbirds OPEN (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)
Oct 31: Halloween- Songbirds OPEN
Nov 20: Songbirds OPEN for Music & Dance (no art) (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)
Nov 21: Songbirds OPEN for Music (no art or dance) (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)
Nov 22-25: Thanksgiving- Songbirds CLOSED (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)
Dec 21- Jan 3 ‘24: Winter Break- Songbirds CLOSED (SCPS/ SLLS Closed)

1st Friday of Each Month: Free Restring Friday
Jan 5- March 11: Music Together- Winter 10 Weeks
Mar 23- May 27: Music Together- Spring 10 Weeks
May 7: Spring Music Recitals
June 8- July 15: Music Together- Summer 6 weeks
July 20- Aug 26: Music Together- Summer 6 weeks
Sept 7- Nov 11: Music Together- Fall 10 Weeks
Nov 30- Dec 16: Music Together- Holiday 3 Weeks
Dec 3: Winter Music Recitals (PLEASE NOTE UPDATED DATE)

Jan 16- Mar 11: Art Block A, 8 Weeks
Mar 20- May 13: Art Block B, 8 Weeks
June 5- July 1: Art Summer A, 4 Weeks
July 10- Aug 5: Art Summer B, 4 Weeks
Aug 14- Oct 7: Art Block C, 8 Weeks
Oct 9- Dec 9: Art Block D, 8 Weeks

May 20: Last day of Dance
May 21: Spring Dance Recital
June 5- Aug 1: Summer Dance
Aug 7: First Day of Dance 23/24 Season
Dec 17: Winter Dance Recital
Dec 18-23: Bring a Friend to Dance Week

Feb 1: Summer Camp Registration Opens
March 13- Mar 17: Spring Break Camp
May 29- Aug 4: Summer Camps
Nov 20-22: Thanksgiving Camp