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Piano Tuning Services

Do you need a piano tuning? How long has it been since your piano has been tuned? Songbirds offers piano tuning services for acoustic pianos in the Oviedo and Central Florida area! We service uprights, baby grands, grands, and everything in between. Songbirds is proud to offer piano tuning services for local schools and facilities as well, including both Seminole and Orange County schools. Call today to set up an appointment to have your instrument tuned and serviced!

Are you in the market for a new piano? Songbirds is happy to provide assistance with finding quality pianos that are perfect for your musical journey. We also offer limited assistance with moving and relocating pianos.

Songbirds is proud to be a dealer for Yamaha keyboards and synthesizers! Ask about special offers on new Yamaha products, and try out our stock in the studio!

Local, reliable, & professional repair services. We will beat any competitor's price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pianos

How often does my piano need to be tuned? The answer depends on the quality and health of the instrument. In Florida, we recommend that most pianos receive a good tuning every six months to one year if they are in frequent use.

What can I do to prolong the life of my piano? If possible, put the piano in an area of the home that remains at a constant temperature and humidity year-round. A spot out of direct sunlight is optimal. Do not relocate the instrument as movement will knock it out of tune. Piano dehumidifiers are a good option for middle to high-end pianos.

Can I move a piano myself? We recommend that at least three strong adults with moving experience are present for upright pianos, and five for baby grands. Songbirds offers limited piano moving assistance! If you choose a professional moving company, ensure that they have experience moving pianos before hiring.

Do you tune organs? House organs from the 1970s and 1980s are still common, but not very useful in practical application today. A house organ is not a substitute for a piano as it has a very different arrangement of keys and response. Songbirds offers maintenance on house organs in specific situations.

Do you service player pianos? Justin is experienced in repairing, tuning, and restoring pneumatic player pianos. Give us a call for an over-the-phone assessment if repairs besides tuning are needed.

Is my piano or organ worth anything? Probably not, unfortunately. There is a huge stock of older pianos on the local market. Their abundance and the effort required to move them makes them worth very little on the street. Keep them and use them as heirlooms and instruments in your musical life.

How do I know what’s wrong with my piano? Songbirds offers free virtual consultations on your instrument! Send a video or schedule a time to have a virtual meeting so that we can best assess what may be ailing your piano.

Does my keyboard need to be tuned? Nope, an electronic keyboard will never need to be tuned. If there is something wrong with your keyboard, Songbirds also repairs them!

How can I get my keyboard repaired with Songbirds? Visit our Repair Page and give us a call! Most keyboard repairs can be completed with relatively short turn-around time, and the cost of repair is much better than the cost of a new instrument!

Where can I learn more about buying a piano? Check out our Acoustic Piano Buying Guide, or give us a call! Songbirds offers phone and video consultations for new-to-you instruments.

How can I learn to tune pianos myself? Piano tuners traditionally learn as an apprentice under the guidance of an experienced technician. If this is something that interests you, get in contact with us!


Meet our Piano Technician!
Piano tuning Justin Morrisini
Justin Morrisini

A standard piano tuning costs $120. If the location of your instrument is farther than five miles from Songbirds, there is a $15 travel fee applied. A full tuning usually takes between an hour and a half and two hours to complete.

If the piano hasn't been tuned in over two years, it may be subject to a neglected piano fee. When pianos aren't properly maintained, their pitch drops significantly, sometimes up to one half step. Raising the pitch that far in one tuning session is difficult and labor-intensive as the strings must be stretched and stabilized to hold their correct tuning. The piano is diagnosed on sight and the fee for this pitch raise is applied to the total amount of work completed. The neglected piano fee is $50.

Additional services like key regulation, string replacement, and action adjustment are quoted on-site if necessary for the piano.

Piano Tuning

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