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Breathe life back into your instrument.

Instrument Repair


Do you need new pads on your saxophone? How about a complete overhaul on your clarinet? Need a setup done on your guitar? How about a piano tuning? We do all kinds of instrument repair. We repair, refurbish, and revitalize instruments that have been hiding out in closets as well as brand new musical friends. Drop off your instrument at our studio and we will treat it like one of our own.

We service band, orchestra, and combo instruments at Songbirds. We travel to private homes for piano tuning services.

Local, reliable, & professional instrument repair services. We will beat any competitor's price.

  • Clarinet Repair
  • Flute Repair
  • Piccolo Repair
  • Saxophone Repair
  • Oboe Repair
  • Bassoon Repair
  • Bass Clarinet Repair
  • Trumpet Repair
  • Trombone Repair
  • French Horn Repair
  • Violin Repair
  • Viola Repair
  • Cello Repair
  • Guitar Repair
  • Bass Guitar Repair
  • Mandolin Repair
  • Banjo Repair
  • Ukulele Repair
  • Amp Repair
  • Digital & Acoustic Piano Repair

Frequently Asked Questions about Instrument Repair

How often should I get new strings? The answer depends on the instrument. Ukuleles and instruments with all nylon strings can go years without needing new strings unless there is a breakage. Electric and acoustic guitars need frequent string changes, especially in our humid climate. It's a good idea to have a restring performed once a month, or as soon as the strings start to corrode. Classical stringed instruments like violins need a fresh set of strings every nine to twelve months.

Why does my instrument need a setup? Instruments never come from the factory ready to play. A setup adjusts critical features like action (string height) and intonation (how in tune the instrument is with itself). A well-setup instrument will play and feel much better than one that has never been serviced!

Why is my woodwind leaking air? It's likely that your instrument needs some new pads or even a full re-pad. Over time, the cork wears down and needs replacing by a professional. This includes the cork that holds the segments of your instrument together at the joins as well.

I'm handy – can I fix my amp at home? Never attempt to open or diagnose an amp at home. Amps include transformers that multiply the voltage from your outlet – there's lethal current running through them! Bring your electronics to us and we'll safely diagnose the issue for you.

When should I throw out or replace my electronic gear? Almost never! Nearly every electronic part of your amp, guitar, speaker, or keyboard can be replaced by the manufacturer or an after-market source. We are experienced in sourcing the best quality parts for the most value. We only recommend gear replacement when the cost of the repair far exceeds the worth of the instrument, barring heirloom items.

Can you repair brass instruments? Yes! We perform our brass repairs off-site. Drop off your gear and we'll get those dings, dents, and bends straightened out for you.

Is there a bench fee? We charge a diagnostic fee for most electronics like keyboards and amps. This is because it takes a lot of time to open the gear and assess what the issue is. There is no bench fee for stringed instruments and woodwinds. In the case of a diagnostic fee, the fee is applied to the full amount of the completed repair. All repairs are billed by the hour, plus the cost of needed parts.

How long will my repair take? We pride ourselves on completing all repairs as quickly as possible. If we have the parts in stock, we try to have all repairs back to the client within a week. Small repairs like restrings and setups can be returned in a day or less. All repair times are subject to how many other instruments are currently in the queue as we operate on a first-come, first-served basis.


Meet our Instrument Repair Technicians!
Justin Morrisini
Justin Morrisini
Benny Romero
Benny Romero






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