Imagine. Create. Inspire.

Explore and Create Artwork through one of our 8 week long art Classes! Discover the world of color as you paint, learn to tell stories while drawing your own comic books, and create masterpieces as you sculpt and model clay. Whatever you choose, know that dedicating time to develop your creative skills isn’t just good for you, it’s fun and relaxing. We have art classes for all ages including preschoolers through adults. We can’t wait to create amazing art together!


PreK Art and K&1 Painting & Clay: Students will learn to harness their creativity through painting, drawing, and clay sculptures. We will learn about colors, how to manipulate paint, pencils, and other mediums, how to sketch shapes, three dimensional objects, and more!
Homeschool Elem: Our homeschool studio art classes are educational art classes. In class, we will explore and experiment with many different mediums. We will sculpt, draw, paint, and much more! We will learn about historical artists and artworks, study their differing techniques and then create our own masterpieces.
Painting Technique: Calling all young artists who love to paint! In Painting levels I & II, we will dive into all aspects of painting with acrylics. We will learn how to manipulate both paint and brush, learn about composition, color theory, shading, still life, & more.
Clay Creations: In Clay Creations I & II, students will learn how to manipulate clay. We will learn techniques such as hand building, scratch & attach, pinch, coil, slab, and sculpt.
Drawing Technique: In our drawing classes, students will work on their fundamental skills and techniques of drawing. Students will learn how to accurately “draw what they see”. We will use exercises that explore the use of line, shape, lighting, shading, and point perspective. Advanced students will be challenged with character development, facial expressions, movement, & more!
Studio Art: This art class is for older middle schoolers and high schoolers who want to deep dive into exploring and experimenting with many different mediums. We will sculpt, draw, paint, and much more! We will learn about historical artists and artworks, study their differing techniques and create our own masterpieces.
Acrylic Painting Techniques: Explore a world of color as we focus on acquiring the basic skills necessary to articulate visual ideas in paint, including how to organize compositions using color and value relationships, form and shape, placement, and paint application. We will explore topics such as still life, landscape, and more. No experience required.
Sewing: Learn how to use that sewing machine that has been collecting dust! Throughout the 8-week course we will learn about techniques and tools to create projects such as a quilt, mask, handbag, stuffed animal, and much more! Supplies are NOT included in this class. Having your own sewing machine is required and a supply list will be provided. Projects vary between blocks.



  • All classes will be limited to 10 students (for ages 10 and under) or 8 students (for ages 11+).
  • Masks are required for our in-studio classes (with the exception of the PreK Art Class).
  • A Combo class means the class will simultaneously be taught both in studio and virtually. In person and virtual students will both be able to interact with each other and see the instructor’s work.
  • Tuition includes all materials needed for the classes. Extra materials are available for purchase. Material pickup (virtual students) will be arranged for the week prior to classes.
  • If an In Studio student is ill, we ask that you let us know and we will temporarily give virtual access.
  • Virtual & Combo classes will be recorded so that you may view them later. The recordings will be available for one week. Sharing access to recordings is prohibited.
  • There are no makeups or refunds permitted
  • Classes that do not meet the student minimum (4) will be subject to cancellation (with a full refund).