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Imagine. Create. Inspire.

Explore and Create Artwork through one of our 8 week long art Classes (4 weeks in Summer)! Discover the world of color as you paint, learn to tell stories while drawing your own comic books, and create masterpieces as you sculpt and model clay. Whatever you choose, know that dedicating time to develop your creative skills isn’t just good for you, it’s fun and relaxing. We have art classes for all ages including preschoolers through adults. We can’t wait to create amazing art together!


Clay Building: In Clay Building, students will learn how to manipulate clay. We will learn techniques such as hand building, scratch & attach, pinch, coil, slab, and sculpt. Students will take home beautiful works of ceramic art.

Drawing: In our drawing classes, students will work on their fundamental skills and techniques of drawing and using charcoal. We will use exercises that explore the use of line, shape, lighting, shading, and point perspective. We will learn about character development, movement, and facial expressions, and more.

Painting Technique: Explore a world of color as we focus on acquiring the skills necessary to articulate visual ideas in paint, including how to organize compositions using color and value relationships, form and shape, placement, and paint application. We will learn how to manipulate both paint and brush, learn about composition, color theory, shading, still life, & more.

PreK Art: Students will learn to harness their creativity through painting, drawing, and clay sculptures. We will learn and experiment with colors, paint, pencils, clay, and other mediums!

Studio Art: In studio art, students will explore and experiment many different mediums. We will sculpt, draw, paint, create, craft, and much more! This class is great for students who want to do a little bit of everything while getting the chance to take a quick dive into different mediums.

Hand Building Miniatures: In miniatures, students will create jewelry, miniature models, tiny creatures, and more! Not only will students learn how to create these amazing tiny scenes, but they will be given the skills to recreate their work at home!

Adult Studio Art: In this class, adults will explore different mediums while getting to know a few of our art instructors. From sculpting and drawing to painting, crafting, and beyond, participants will embark on a creative journey, delving into various techniques and styles. Whether you're a seasoned artist seeking to broaden your skills or a beginner eager to explore multiple mediums, this class is designed to provide a fulfilling experience.



  • Tuition includes all materials needed for the classes. Extra materials are available for purchase. *painting students will be required to purchase their own set of brushes.
  • If an In Studio student is ill, we ask that you let us know and we will temporarily give virtual access.
  • There are no makeups or refunds permitted
  • Classes that do not meet the student minimum (4) will be subject to cancellation (with a full refund).


Art Parties

Not everyone is able to commit to 8 week classes and some that do, still want to do more art! That is why we have weekly art parties! Art parties are classes that are based on completing the advertised project instead of focused on skill training. You will still gain great skills as you complete your project and you get to know the specific projects ahead of time. They also serve as great date nights, parent/kid bonding time, or as just a fun artistic thing to do. Each monthly scheduled is released on the 25th of the previous month! Make sure to register for your favorites early! Classes fill up quickly!

Family Painting & Clay Art Parties: Every month students join us for our painting and clay sculpting parties. During each class the instructor with guide you step by step through the creation of a different masterpiece. Join us for your favorite one or all of them!  Minimum ages are- Paint Parties (5), Clay (6). All grownups that want to be in the room must purchase a seat and are encouraged to participate.

PreK Craft Party: Every month students aged 3-5 and their grownups join us for our prek craft parties. During each class the instructor with guide you step by step through the creation of a different masterpiece. Pricing includes the attendance of 1 adult per artist.

Adult Art Parties: Join us for a BYOB (optional) adult art party. Each class will be different and you can pick and choose which one you want to join! All materials will be included. Minimum artist age is 16.