Snare Drum Upgrades (for under $300!)

Snare Drum Upgrades

Let's face it – any drummer needs an amazing snare drum to sound great. The snare might be the most important drum in the whole drum kit! If your drum set is sounding a little sub-par, check out these recommendations for great snare drums that won't break the bank. All of these snares are great quality pieces that will last well into a professional drumming career.

All of the links below are from Sweetwater, a reputable musical instrument dealer. You may find better prices elsewhere, but the customer service of Sweetwater can't be beat. As with any instrument, it is always best to try it out in person, if possible, before purchasing.

Ludwig Black Magic Snare

This is a clone of one of the most famous and sought-after snare drums in history: the Ludwig Black Beauty. You can't beat the sound, quality, and recognition of this snare.

Pearl Piccolo Snare

Pearl is a great and reliable drum company. A lot of their products and endorsements are common in Florida as well! Piccolo snares are thinner and therefore have more “snap” and “crack” than their normal-sized counterparts. This snare in particular boasts great community reviews.

Mapex Armory Snare

This is a great and forgiving snare that has a warm tone. It is perfect for playing a variety of genres. It is a true hybrid snare and is ideal for the gigging musician, cover band artist, or recording performer.

Pearl Modern Utility Snare

Much like the Mapex Armory Snare, this Pearl model is perfect for playing across various genres of music. It also has a warm tone and much more depth than the listed piccolo snare.

Pearl Session Snare

This snare was designed with recording in mind. Therefore, the sound that it produces is top-notch. It is made with two plies of birch, a softer wood, and two plies of mahogany, a rich and dense tone wood. This combination produces a beautiful finish and an unbeatable sound.

Mapex Daisy Cutter

This gorgeous snare is the most vocal on our list. Be sure to wear earplugs – this snare is loud! This is the perfect model for musicians who enjoy harder rock, metal, and demanding drumming.

PDP Concept Snare

This snare is one classy drum. The walnut tone wood and finish make it sound and look warmer than other snares on the market. This model is also great for playing across genres.

We hope that you enjoyed these great snare recommendations! Check out our Blog for more buying guides, gear suggestions, and interesting articles!