Ten Tips to Nail the Audition

Let’s face it – auditions can be some of the most stressful moments in our performance careers. Dancers, singers, instrumentalists, actors, artists, and more can benefit from following these ten guidelines. Your craft might require more specificity, but adhering to these tips will put you in a better frame of mind for your audition.

The Truth: The most important task in an audition is to get the judges to remember you in a positive way. Focus on making that killer first impression.

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What to wear?

The day before, take time to select what you will wear. It should make your job as a performer easier. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Be prepared.

Triple check that you have everything that you need packed and ready to go the day before the audition.

Be early, not on time.

If the audition is local and you know where you are going, plan to arrive at least half an hour before your scheduled time. Arrive at least an hour early for unfamiliar locations.

Be yourself and personable.

Once you have arrived, take time to chat with those around you. It is important to meet people from the company or organization. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. When in the audition room, be friendly and amicable with the judges.

Thank your judges and the proctors.

After you nailed your audition, be sure to thank the judges and the accompanist (if applicable). Likewise, be sure to thank whoever was working in the waiting area.

Be nice to everyone around you. Be helpful.

Anything that you can do to show that you are a team player will speak volumes for your personality and hireability.

Ask questions if appropriate.

Don’t be afraid to ask any employee of the company questions about their upcoming performances, the company itself, when you can expect to receive audition results, and more.

Mentally rehearse and envision success.

Take time to go over your performance and all of its steps in your head before going into the audition room.

Take a moment to collect yourself beforehand.

If needed, excuse yourself to the restroom or another quiet place to focus and get ready.

Have an exit plan and know the next step.

After the audition, take time to exit gracefully and professionally. Resist the urge to immediately reach for your phone or other electronic device.

Bonus Tip: When you get a rejection email (because we all do), refrain from responding to it unless specifically instructed. Oftentimes these emails are form rejections and may feel impersonal or harsh. It’s best to move on and focus on your next big audition.

There you have it: ten steps to help you nail your next audition. Take time to follow these ten guidelines, and your next audition is sure to be more pleasant. Go out there and nail it!

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