Auditions Part 2: Female Clothing

This is the second part of an eleven-piece series on ways that you can improve your auditions! Read our previous post on Male Clothing here. We will be taking an honest and in-depth look at how auditions work and what you can do to succeed. Before diving in and looking at some suggestions for how women should dress at auditions, let’s review the most important tidbit for this entire series:

The most important task that you have in an audition is to get the judges to remember you in a positive way. If you can stand out for good reasons, you will have a much higher chance of success and achieving your goals. Focus on making that killer first impression.

The day before your audition, take time to select what you will wear. Some auditions make it easy and provide a dress code, but most do not. Whatever you wear needs to be comfortable. It should make your job as a performer easier. It also needs to look professional while still being unique. Try to find something that accents your personality and makes you stand out in a good way. Semi-formal or casual auditions are more challenging for female clothing because the dress code can be more loose. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed. An audition judge will forgive formal-wear at a semi-formal audition easier than ripped jeans at that same audition.

*Note: This might seem frustrating, but try to think of an audition as a job interview. It is if it results in a paycheck!*

Now, let’s cover female clothing for auditions from head to toe!


You know your hair and what it needs better than anyone. Before the audition, make sure that your hair is clean and behaving the way that you want. Any type of hairstyle is appropriate for auditions as long as it makes you feel great. Hairstyles that obstruct the face or eyes should be avoided. Further, steer away from any hairstyles that will tempt you to fidget with them during your audition. A strand of hair across your cheek may look fantastic, but if it is going to distract you from your performance, it isn’t worth it.


The use of makeup and the quantity of makeup used for auditions is a completely personal decision. Try not to vary from your normal usage too greatly in order to avoid potential problems. Remember that everything is better in moderation and that the judges will want to see your face and eyes. That said, if you know your audition will be on a stage, make sure to wear makeup that will make your eyes visible from a distance. Mascara and eye liner are a good idea as there may be harsh stage lights. The goal is to be visible without being distracting.


As with hair and makeup, any jewelry that you wear should not pull attention away from your face and eyes. Giant and intricate pieces, although memorable, are much more appropriate for a performance or gala setting. Select jewelry that you love. It should make you feel like a million bucks while simultaneously complementing your personality and sense of style. Remember to match colors of stones and metals across your ensemble.


Although many clothing options are appropriate for auditions, most women choose to wear some type of dress. If you wear a dress to your audition, make sure that the length is appropriate and professional. If you are on a stage or raised surfaced, dresses will seem shorter than they actually are. You don't want to be in a situation where you feel uncomfortable and are pulling on your dress while performing. Likewise, be mindful of the cut of the dress around the chest area. As said before, whatever you wear needs to accent your face, eyes, and performance abilities.

If you choose to wear a strapless dress, make sure that it stays up on its own and that you will not need to adjust it. Likewise, choose a dress that is fidget-proof. Many women subconsciously play with the front and sides of their dresses while performing or waiting for an audition.

Most performers suggest a solid black dress. Although we recommend wearing a solid color, as opposed to a dress with very complex patterns, the dress does not have to be black. Wear a color that makes you feel like you! If you always wear green, grab a jewel toned green dress. If you are one of the lucky few who can pull off yellow, get a solid yellow dress.

Female Clothing Alternatives

Dress pants, nice jeans, blouses, jackets, and more may also be acceptable for your audition. If you choose to go with one of these non-dress alternatives, make sure that the clothing fits you well and that it has been properly ironed or steamed. The best thing that you can do for your clothing and for your wardrobe is to hire an amazing tailor. If needed, have the hemline of your pants adjusted and pant legs tapered. Going to a tailor can help you feel extra confident about your audition and what you choose to wear!


The shoes that you choose for your audition must be comfortable! If heels are painful for you, do not wear them. Select shoes that you can wear for long periods of time so that you do not worry about them while auditioning. As with jewelry, it is a great idea to find shoes that positively accent your personality. Don’t let them distract from your performance, though! If you are auditioning on a stage or elevated surface, your shoes will be much more visible to the judges and will be noticed. Plan accordingly!

Overall, your look should make you feel confident and comfortable. It should be non-distracting. You want the judges to be able to imagine you in a variety of roles!

This concludes our ten tips for female clothing for auditions. Stay tuned for our next installment of this audition series: Preparation! You may also read our main Audition Tips here.