Disclosure Policy

Legal stuff?! Ew, gross! What's a disclosure policy?

We know that red tape and laws aren’t fun to discuss. However, we wanted to take a moment to provide our Disclosure Policy and talk about why it is important to you.

The Legal Stuff

The Federal Trade Commission enacted a law stating that blogs and websites must provide an accessible disclosure policy. This is for when endorsed products result in payment. You can read all about that ruling here.

Why This Matters for You

Oftentimes on our website and in our school, we recommend products to our clients and students. These are things like books, equipment, instruments, art supplies, dance attire – you name it! If you click on one of the links that we provide on our media and purchase an item that we recommend, we receive a very small amount of money. However, This does not affect the actual price that you pay and does not come out of your pocket.

Our Promise

All of the products that we recommend are products that we use or have used ourselves. It is all quality equipment that we are excited about and that we stand behind. Therefore, we do not suggest or write about products that are junky, overpriced, or simply not high in quality.

At the moment, we do not have any endorsement deals with companies and their products. We are not paid to write or speak positively about anything. This means that we have full control over what we choose to support. If we do get some endorsements in the future, we promise to only endorse companies with quality products that we actually use. We promise to always review and suggest items with honesty and integrity so that you can make an informed decision about how to spend your income.

This way, everybody wins! By clicking our links, we get some money to support our classes and you get peace of mind knowing that your purchases will last. We want to build our relationship on trust, and we are excited to keep you in the loop about all kinds of awesome equipment!

What will that extra money go towards, you ask? Probably wacky instruments – there might be a need for a bagpipe class someday!