Learn Together.

Group Music Classes


  • Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center offers the best teachers in the Orlando Area. Each one of our instructors has been thoroughly vetted to ensure that they are able to provide the best music education possible. All of our teachers maintain exciting local performance careers and enrich their instruction with real-world advice and knowledge of the music industry. Our staff’s combined credits include work with the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera Orlando, Tampa Opera, Orlando Light Opera, Disney, Universal, Garden Theater, and many national and international companies. Many of our teachers perform in professional bands and orchestras. Some have even produced their own music albums! Other credits include tours with The Ramones, the Goo Goo Dolls, shows on the Las Vegas Strip, and winning the Florida Metropolitan Opera Competition.

    Most importantly, our instructors are thoroughly invested in the education, growth, and success of our students. We truly care. All of our teachers look forward to seeing the joy that is displayed when their students achieve personal goals and hit musical milestones. What’s more, all of our staff has been cleared for safety by completing rigorous federal background checks and interviews with personal references. Our facility is a weapons-free zone and smoking is prohibited near the building. As a matter of fact, our school is located in one of the newest and most secure developments in Orlando! Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center is the best choice for quality instruction because of our dedicated teachers and staff.

  • When Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center was created, the owners set out with several primary goals, one of which was to create a school where teachers are valued, cherished, and compensated fairly. Our instructors are paid well and are offered unique perks that are not given at any other local school. Their own education, development, and performance opportunities are praised, not discouraged. We have seen from personal experience and many years of teaching that happy teachers make happy students. Our students are the most successful because their instructors are happy, active, and eager to share their knowledge and musical experiences.

  • Nothing can discourage growth, learning, and progress more than a poor instrument. When one of our owners, Justin, was first learning how to play the guitar, he spent countless hours in frustration. It seemed to him like he was playing the song correctly and had the right technique, but for some reason, the music would not come out correctly. That reason was that he was using an instrument of low quality.

    At Songbirds, Music, Art, & Dance Center, all of the instruments on sight have been hand selected by the owners and are of excellent quality. What’s more, the guitar amplifiers, pedals, and effects that are used for guitar lessons and drum lessons are also professional and regularly maintained. We have three full drum sets on site, one of which is specifically manufactured for small children. This allows young students to learn on an appropriately-sized instrument which, in turn, catapults them towards musical success. We also have a host of auxiliary percussion on site which includes a full-sized marimba!

    Every piano room at Songbirds has a real acoustic piano that is accessible to all students. There is even a gorgeous baby grand piano that is available for lessons and recitals! Our owners feel strongly that using real acoustic instruments is best for piano technique, ear training, and musical wellness. We take care of our gear at Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center.

  • Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center is a school first and a business second. We strive to serve our students and meet their needs in any and every way that is possible. In order to ensure that each student has the best possible fit and relationship with his or her teacher, the first music lesson is always free. We never push or harass potential students or clients because we believe that music should be enjoyed and shared. Our school has a friendly atmosphere with staff who are always looking to help and answer any questions you might have.

    In contrast to other local schools, our contract for music students is very easy and non-binding. We understand that life happens and that, sometimes, things come up in your day! We build emergency make-up days into your schedule and are very flexible if you need to reschedule a lesson. What’s more, rescheduled lessons are never with a substitute teacher and are never done in a group setting. At Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center, we understand that your time and education are valuable.

  • Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center customizes lessons for the specific ages and needs of our students. We offer private music instruction for piano, drums, and violin for students as young as three years old! Our other quality instrument instruction becomes available as the student grows and matures. Each lesson is carefully planned by the instructor to meet the needs and goals of each student. Songbirds teachers take the time to listen and prepare songs that the student wants to play! Have you always wondered how to play that killer guitar riff? Do you want to learn that piano piece for your best friend? Do you want to drum along to your favorite album? No sweat! Our teachers are here to help. Each lesson is supplemented by carefully-selected professional curricula that are guaranteed to help the student succeed and learn new techniques for his or her music.

    Oftentimes, Songbirds students have young siblings or family members who attend their lessons or wait in our lobby until the lesson has been completed. We strongly believe in offering music education and advocacy for musicophiles of all ages. That is why we offer Music Together classes for children who are newly born until age five. Music Together is a group music class that is lead by one of our highly qualified instructors who has been trained and passed internationally-recognized certification. This course teaches Basic Music Competence to young people, which is the ability to sing, dance, and experience music in tune and in rhythm. Its unique curriculum focuses on play and exploration which greatly impacts learning and musical retention. With Music Together, we believe that everyone is born with the innate ability to share music. At Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center, we know how to customize our teaching to fit your needs and goals.

  • At Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center, we know that everyone learns differently! We recognize that there are at least seven major learning styles and strive to tailor our instruction to our students’ specific needs. Each of our music rooms has a large white board, interactive posters, and markers for easy visuals and hands-on learning. Because we offer a wealth of different instruments, we encourage cross-discipline exploration such as a piano student playing the drums in order to physicalize a tricky rhythm. Our large dance studio is perfect for students who wish to apply eurhythmics, the combination of sound and movement, to their studies. Similarly, we have a large floor piano that plays accurate pitches when a student steps or dances on it. Our instructors also utilize boomwhackers, or large tubes that produce pitches when struck, to teach melodies and songs. Further, all of our teachers have plentiful experience in education for special needs students. At Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center, we believe in the value of musical exploration and thinking outside the box in order to make our education successful.

  • While learning a skill is one thing, we know that showing it off or teaching it is completely different. That is why Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center offers frequent recitals and performance opportunities on site for all students. Unlike other local schools, our recitals are always free to attend and enroll!

    As a Music, Art, and Dance school, we offer countless Art and Dance classes throughout each semester. Our music students are encouraged to try an art or dance class for free and collaborate with their peers! Many of our students and families take both music lessons and another discipline such a painting class or hip-hop class. We also host art events such as Paint NightsCraft Nights, and Art Nights that can be scheduled and customized to fit your needs. At Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center, we strive to tear down the barriers between music, art, and dance and aim to create collaborative art as a community and curious individuals.

  • We understand that all students, especially new ones, have many questions when it comes to finding appropriate instruments and gear. All of the options can be totally overwhelming! Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is ready to help you find the best instrument for your budget and needs. We have handy, custom-made brochures that help answer questions and help you every step of the way as you locate and purchase your gear. What’s more, Songbirds frequently sells used instruments and musical items at affordable prices and rates.

    Oftentimes, our piano students do not have an instrument when they first begin lessons. Don’t worry! All of our practice rooms are available for current students to use during normal business hours. Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center never charges practice room rental fees for existing students. Our staff is always nearby and is happy to answer any questions that might arise during your practice sessions.

    Most importantly, we at Songbirds believe that a happy instrument makes a happy musician. It is completely normal for aging, wear and tear, and sometimes accidents to happen to your gear! We offer piano tuning and repair services for your home piano as well as free assessments as to what might be ailing your instrument. Our staff is happy to change your guitar strings on site and teach you how to perform minor repairs to any instrument. If we don’t know how to repair a malady, we will quickly refer you to one of our professional and affordable connections in the Orlando area. At Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center, we believe in helping and teaching you how to keep your instruments in tip-top shape in order to help you become the best musician that you can be!

  • Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center offers so much more than music, art, and dance lessons. With creative and inventive owners and staff, the sky truly is the limit! Individual rooms as well as our entire facility are available for rent for private events, parties, and meetings. Songbirds offers custom birthday parties for people of all ages as well as amazing events like Paint Nights, Craft Nights, and Dance Parties. We frequently hold collaborative camps in music, art, and dance over the summer break and other school vacation periods. These camps feature original theater productions, dance, music, and art intensives, and unique activities such as ukulele and guitar construction! We are also excited to offer a professional recording studio in our building with state-of-the-art microphones and editing software. Any of our current students are welcome to schedule time and utilize it to track their progress or record a new composition!

    In addition to our incredible facilities, the surrounding Oviedo area is exploding with great activities and new locales! With plenty of delicious restaurants, several parks, a gym, a dog park, and more within walking distance, you will never be bored! Our students’ families also love  to color on our custom coloring pages in our lobby and play tunes on the real piano on our front sidewalk. At Songbirds Music, Art, & Dance Center, we believe in providing endless opportunities to our students and their families. Our house is your house!